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I'm a videographer and cosplayer from the UK! I've been cosplaying since 2009 and making event and showcase videos since 2013, and I'm always looking to improve at both

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Kitacon Invasion 2014 Cosplay video!

A big thank you to all the cosplayers who took part and let me film them. I had an amazing time at Kitacon! I was a bit rusty filming this as I hadn’t picked up my camera in 6 months but I still hope you enjoy. I had so much fun filming this and felt a lot less stressed out. This was a really interesting one to edit as the song both had fast beats then some really beautiful, slow piano parts. 

Ellie this is fantastic! Loving this video loads, you got some great shots in the video. Loving the masq shots too ;D

Everyone waaaaaaaaaaatch! :3

"why do people always presume i’m lying?"

kid loki // photo

changed up my theme to be a bit more loki-tastic now that i have my kid loki photos!

it’s not easy being green c’:

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Here are mah photos of George Sanderson! I freaking loved the Monsters Inc/Pixar group, everyone was amazing ;3; I loved having a sock on my back |DD

Top photo taken by Manga Girl Photography, rest taken by Beth Dooner Photography!

Here are the pages of the others:

Randall Sulley Mike Squishy M-O Celia and my cosplay page!

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Chibi in baby pink 163
Jinx from Teen Titans
For this wig I followed Malinda-chan’s tutorial. I sewed the shape I wanted out of some fabric (light so it didn’t show through) and stuffed it with pattern paper to keep it as light as possible.Then I pinned the shapes onto the wig head and glued the closest strands to the fabric. The glue holds the shape so it never droops or bends! I also used hairspray and a blow dryer to smooth it out.
Cosplayer is Satan-chan [FB] [Tumblr]
Photo by Aperture Ashley!

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My favourite shots from KitaCon.
I would tag everyone but oh man, AoT group. You’ll have seen people upload them anyway.
Photography: Beth Dooner. Do not repost without my permission.

So much pretty!

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I am the dragon’s daughter, and I swear to you that those who would harm you will die screaming. 

I finally got some proper photos of my Daenerys (Game of Thrones) costume at Kitacon. I still don’t think I really suit her, but I don’t hate how I look in it so that’s an improvement. xD

Daenerys Photos




Captain Amelia (Treasure Planet) by Ryoki-Demon

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